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News - General

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AfricanCrisis was shut down in Mid-February 2012.

2013/10/15: Julius Malema wants masses of blacks to attack and exterminate the whites. I say: BRING IT ON YOU F**KING C*NT: Julius Malema's EFF is looking for Blacks to wage war on Whites - My Response: BRING ON THE RACE WAR YOU BASTARD! - Hurry up you f**king c*nt!
  • The blacks want to disarm us completely in every possible way: Dangerous weapons act takes effect in 2014
  • Some interesting feedback on the Nelson Mandela Deathbed saga: The Bizarre Nelson Mandela Deathbed scenario - A Replay of the death of Tito - He's probably been clinically dead for 2 months now - When will they announce his death?

  • 2013/10/03: The utterly bizarre story of Nelson Mandela on his deathbed since June 2013 continues to get weirder: Nelson Mandela's Death Bed - Is he brain-dead for 3 months now or is he really sitting up? Very Dodgy Report? - When will the ANC kill Nelson Mandela?

  • Pic Headline. Black newspaper says Govt is failing Black people - Racist black businessman mouths off - whites should secede
  • Recording of Confederate Soldier Says What the War Was Really About
  • At $1,990, space burials cheaper than traditional ones...

  • 2013/09/23: 5 Pics - GORE - Crime Scene - A Train cures a criminal of Crime - he fell in front of a train....
  • Liberals upset plane carrying George W. Bush didn't crash, kill former president
  • South Africans live in fear
  • ANC's secret election plan
  • Liberalism: An ideology of rage and hate
  • President Obama visits Germany: US needs Germany more than ever... Why American Liberals need to SCREW German Tax payers...

  • 2013/09/11: The Relaunch of AfricanCrisis delayed. Due to other priorities and problems the relaunch of AfricanCrisis will be pushed back to the end of October. Nelson Mandela is still alive after 3 months in ICU! Keep watching this bizarre story unfolding.
  • This is utterly hillarious. I LMAO: Important: Hillarious: Help President Obama kickstart WWIII ... America is dead-ass broke, so help us start WW3 or WW4 or a Moon war...
  • This story made my day: Smash-and-grabber jumps to death
  • What is the problem? Is it greed or capitalism... OR is modern Liberal American society psychopathic?
  • New York Orthodox Jews protest against Israel - The Utmost importance of reclaiming EUROPE & restoring Germanic peoples from Britain to Scandanavia - Editor's comments
  • Deep Analysis: What Threat is Russian Nuclear Weapons to America? - The Russians NEVER defeated the Germans in WW2 -- How Vulnerable is Europe really?
  • Video: The Communist Moles, Liberals, Banksters and others who are disembowling America from within
  • Verified: Murders of whites hidden by fraudulent 'natural death' certificates
  • Very Important analysis: The Arian Christ - Carl Jung expelled Jews from his psychology group
  • A warning for White America.
  • Moronic Whites: White liberals are the death of Western Civilization
  • Youtube: This is Totally Brilliant - Bro. Nathaneal on Syria - Sending Americans to die - Listen to Obama's own words...
  • South Africa is falling apart, in just a short 20 years.

  • 2013/07/31: Watch for the full return of AfricanCrisis as a functioning website in August!
  • Follow the never-ending Nelson Mandela deathbed fiasco with daily updates here
  • Follow the Zimbabwe 31 July 2013 election cheating & violence with daily updates here
    VERY IMPORTANT: South Africa's Mass Media is already PREPARING THE BIG LIE OF A MUGABE VICTORY IN ZIMBABWE    South Africa: GRIM AND GRUESOME    6 Pics. shocking: the ANC's achievements - 19 Years after the end of Apartheid    The Jews themselves tell us who they are    Part 1 : WHITE PEOPLE NEVER STOLE ANY LAND FROM BLACKS!    Part 2 : WHITE PEOPLE NEVER STOLE ANY LAND FROM BLACKS!    Pic. Nelson Mandela is still alive Then why this headline on 22nd July?    Payco leader calls Nelson Mandela a sell-out    

  • 2013/07/11: The incredibly strange final days of Nelson Mandela get weirder: The Nightmare the South African Govt faces in FAKING the NATURAL DEATH of Nelson Mandela    Policeman's hint that Nelson Mandela's machine's to be switched off in the next week? Secret Police meetings preparing for trouble?    Very Important: This racist flyer is being spread among Black people across South Africa    An important and deep analysis of South Africa's future by the best strategist in the country: Dr Jan Du Plessis: Arguing the future: 2012 to 2017    

    2013/06/30: FRESH-FACED HILLARY GLOWS AT LINCOLN CENTER...    25 Pics. Full details and screen shots of The Guardian , BeforeItsNews, Google, Hoax of Nelson Mandelas death on 27 June 2013    Delaying Mandela's death until Obama is gone - Commentary on the Death of Nelson Mandela - hyped out of all proportions - was Democracy and ANC rule such a good idea?    

    2013/06/28: IMPORTANT: It just gets crazier. If you want to follow death of Nelson Mandela - then follow it here on South Africa Today where it is updated daily and where you can see news headlines as they appear in daily South African newspapers: www.southafricatoday.info/Home.php    Very Important: Fear of mayhem after Mandelas death - South Africa's army put on standby - Fears of White Genocide - peace-keepers in action - My Analysis    FOUND IT! They fooled BEFOREITSNEWS: This is the Person/Company who spawned the Hoax yesterday than Nelson Mandela was dead - and pretended the Guardian had run it.     Obama has arrived in South Africa at a weird time: Cartoon: Obama in south africa and dying nelson mandela    Did Nelson Mandela die? - Australian govt Minister apologises for announcing Nelson Mandela's death - Dutch town apologises for death announcement    

    NB: Here are 2 headlines which I photographed in South African newspapers on 26th, the day before his "death" by switching off life-support was said to happen: Pic. Headline. Nelson Mandela on life support    3 Pics. As I reported yesterday Mandela became critical last night - from 26th    

    2013/06/27: IMPORTANT: A few hours ago I posted this news item. Several sources tell me this: Breaking news: Hot - Nelson Mandela's life support to be switched off today - Obama arrives tomorrow - and in there I also mention what that criminal Mugabe is up to that nobody is noticing!!    Important: New Govt amendment will cause 250,000 people in private business to lose their jobs - my comments    ANC Communist Youth League gets full military training to aid in the White genocide - my comments    Pic. Mandela family arguments over the grave    

    2013/06/25: IMPORTANT: Red Alert: Nelson Mandela expected to die TONIGHT....      Although much has been said for many years that this is when the "Night of the Long Knives" will begin with black attacks on whites, I very much doubt it. I am sure a lot of WESTERN Intelligence preparation has gone into seeing that there is calm in South Africa when Mandela dies. Anyway, we whites aren't quite that easy to kill! The original boast was: "We'll kill you whites like flies!" Yeah right! I say that's bull!! It seems they might already be preparing his grave - not sure how reliable this is: MANDELA. Qunu Meeting Highly Sensitive. PIC OF EXCAVATOR    6 Pics. South African Newspaper headlines - The last days of dying Nelson Mandela - any day now    

    2013/06/12: VERY IMPORTANT: 3 Pics. EXCLUSIVE: Very Important: Crime Scene photos of the murder of Eugene Terreblanche leader of the AWB      I have been busy and not had a chance to update events here properly. There is a lot coming later this year. You are welcome to use the SEARCH facility on this site to find things that you could not get through your original link. So please check in once a month or so. In the meantime here are some items you may find of interest: White Scrapyard worker William Sharman executed by five-member black male gang for his lunchbox    16 FOODS YOU CAN RE-GROW FROM KITCHEN SCRAPS    The female billionaire fraudster who made Obama President - Billionaire Bankster Breaks Into Obamas Cabinet    Important: 2 writings by Blacks: President Zuma - Let the White man have his way and: Whites never stole my land    Pic. Shocker. 52% of south africa's crime is never reported - 3.3 million crimes    There will be no work for Whites! says ANC Mayor …    Photo. This shocking photo of President Obama    Very Important: Al Qaeda Training camps in South Africa for years - The GOVT secretly stopped action in 2010

    2013/04/10: Excellent: Politicsweb 27 March 2013. David Bullard - our biggest screwing over is coming     Declassified Secret Correspondence between Lord Carrington, Margaret Thatcher and General Peter Walls of Rhodesia    Washington Post – Keeping Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe in check - Confiscating RADIOS!!! - 200 people died in 2008 elections    Zanu PF will not use violence at this years elections but psychology. Report - my analysis

    2013/04/08: There are lots of links to photos that need to be fixed, but here are some of the most visited pages from the past which still give you an idea of what went on here. NB: You can click on the Search engine (on the menu) and conduct your own searches. Most of the articles and photos are still there. You will find some interesting stuff. In total the database has over 100,000 articles:     This is the Classic Photo gallery from AfricanCrisis1 (before the 2007 rewrite)     [18 Pics] The Secret history of southern Africa: The Landmine wars of the Liberation Movements    [9 Graphs] How Nelson Mandela brought Crime & Murder to South Africa    [Pics] Gore, Gruesome, Racism, War Veterans: Farm Violence, Farm Murder & Torture of Blacks & Whites in Zimbabwe    [Pics] Gore: Very gruesome: Farm Murders in South Africa (from 1994-2007)    [8 Pics] S.Africa: Gore, Gruesome, Necklacing: What Hollywood doesn't tell you: The Terrorism that put Nelson Mandela in power    [2 Pics] S.Africa: White Farmer Drives off Cliff with Black Robbers in his car!    [11 Photos] S.Africa: The Monument to almost 2,000 Farm Murders

    AFRICANCRISIS IS BACK UP! It was down for about 14 months from the last post. But in the weeks prior to the last post it was often down.     Click here to view AfricanCrisis!     Other news stories:     No! Humans are NOT destroying the Earth! - Mankind is .001 of Climate Change    Desmond Tutu wins 1.7 million Templeton Prize    White men can't become Judges!!    Man waves human arm around in shop    Does the Western World do things quietly to save us from the WORST EXCESSES of the ANC?    South African army defeat: Central African Republic: 'Men died for lack of ammunition'

    2013/04/04: Most of the AfricanCrisis data is up. But the website needs to be tested and debugged. That will happen on the weekend.     HOT NEWS: South Africa sends more troops to CAR - report - More WAR???    

    2013/03/31: NB: AfricanCrisis is in the process of being brought online. The database contains 170,000 articles posted over 10 years. Depending on my bandwidth, I may halt the upload and resume it once a week. At this time, 30,000 of the articles have been uploaded already. Expect to see AfricanCrisis up by late tomorrow. In the meantime take a look at the suppression of crime:     Crime: Police deny this abduction took place - White woman disappears    

    2013/03/24: Very Important: Robert Mugabe's election threats for 2013 doing the rounds among the masses    Barack Obama remains the best hope for South Africa and keeping China out    Is Kuba-dokters werklik belegging werd?    Ingevoerde groente kelder McCain-fabriek    Sanral ontken planne vir Kaapse tolpad    

    2013/03/19: AfricanCrisis is definitely coming online at the end of this month. Here are some articles that might interest you: What the Secret Service think of President Obama and his Wife...    I've killed my baba... God take me away': Blade Runner's panicked phone call    Pistorius DID beat model girlfriend with a cricket bat before he shot her    Paedophilia not criminal - says priest

    2013/03/16: Lots of good news to share, so please watch this page within a day or two. In the meantime: A lot is happening on: AmericanCrisis     You might be interested in these other new sites: IMPORTANT: The big drive by a massive coalition to grab 3 Provinces in 2014 & unseat the ANC in 2019     For current reports on Crime, Murder and madness of South Africa     UK gives £19 million aid to South Africa - its president spends £17.5 million on his palace     The Afrikaans Liberal     The only sad news is that JoAn Wilcox who helped me since 2001 passed away 2 weeks ago. A tribute to her is coming soon. Many of you will remember her.

    2013/02/14: Oscar Pistorius should be hanged for shooting his girlfriend

    2013/02/10: We are running behind schedule and are moving the date for restoring AfricanCrisis to mid-March - partly due to a bandwidth problem we have to look at doing the move over a month end and might do it in bits. But watch this space for more news.

    2013/02/02: Urgent: Attention: Some moral support would be greatly appreciated - we are under attack....
    On 31st January, I launched www.ZimbabweCrisis.org - which is owned by Collen and hosted as part of my websites. Within 24 hours of being launched it came under a type of denial of service attack. I saw this in the statistics. I have several of my own websites up, and Collen's site is part of my setup. They all share certain common infrastructure. What is noticeable since www.AmericanCrisis.us and the other websites came up, is that I have not seen any attacks on any of them since they were launched during the last 3 weeks. But it was only when ZimbabweCrisis came online that I could see in the statistics that ZimbabweCrisis was being hit with many requests in a very short space of time. It survived these attacks. But suddenly, the common database where all the website articles are stored was broken today for no apparent reason.

    Collen was posting a LOT of articles on ZimbabweCrisis.org and I suspect they were already irritating the powers that be. So within 2 days of its launch, ZimbabweCrisis is down. But in bringing it down, my other websites are now also down.

    The only one up, because of a design difference, is www.AfricanCrisis.org.

    I will therefore post notices on www.AfricanCrisis.org on the status of repair. The database seems to be pretty badly damaged. I have never experienced an attack this successful before. This is much worse than past hack attacks that we had.

    I will be investigating to see how soon we can recover from this and what state the database is in and how much we lost.

    The article which was blasted endlessly by the unknown hacker, according to my logs is this very interesting one, which actually mentions South Africa's ruling ANC: Beware the ANC's neocolonialist bogeyman

    NB: All the websites were down for about 2 hours. Attempts to repair the damage failed. We had to restore a backup and in total we lost about 11 hours worth of data - which all in all was not bad. I have been liaising with the hosting company for more detailed info on what happened and what actions could be taken. The websites are now all up again.

    2013/01/13: Our current plans are for the AfricanCrisis archive to be back online by 15th February 2013.

    2012/12/23: AfricanCrisis was shut down due to lots of trouble from a hosting company. This is the 2nd time that an American hosting company has given us endless pressure until I eventually gave up and shut it down. The main threat to AfricanCrisis has not been Governments, but businesses. There was a time several years ago where I kept AfricanCrisis up, but we were inactive for 6 months - and that was after a time of Govt harrassment. That problem has since gone away. The first hosting company that gave me endless trouble over my farm murders page and constantly switched my site off until I couldn't take it any more, was ReadyHosting.com. Towards the end of 2011, IXWebHosting.com gave me unceasing trouble over my websites and switched them off at will often. I did what I could to comply with their requests, but eventually quit.

    There are other incidents which I am NOT allowed to discuss online in public, or legal action will be taken against me.

    The entire AfricanCrisis archive of 170,000 articles and 6,000 photos including several movies will be returned to this site in the first half of 2013. The site itself will no longer be staffed nor updated. It will be here for search and archive purposes only. All broken links, even those going back to AfricanCrisis1, which terminated in 2007, will be fixed.

    This website will no longer be run because of the dangers of legal trouble. But the archives from August 2001 to January 2012 will all be put here for those who wish to reference them.

    If you are interested in being notified regarding the return of the archive please revisit this site within a month. We might make such facilities available to you where you can leave your details and we will notify you when the archive is back.


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