Attention: How to Help Poor Whites in South Africa

For those people who'd like to help poor whites in South Africa, or the babies and children of poor whites, I would recommend that you support The Living Waters Foundation. I know Monica Huggett who runs it. She does excellent work with the little support that she gets. One of her most critical projects is to feed babies. The children are her top priority - which it should be, because they are the future. I support her and I recommend her work. I've been to the various places she supports.

I will be putting out more details, including a video I intend making, of what we saw first hand. I'll explain in full detail what's going on. Be careful who you donate money to. I have come across many stories and first hand experience of monies that do NOT reach the people it was intended for. I'll explain the full situation in a video and will show you how these whites, most of whom lost their jobs, manage to cope and also the many efforts by people to rehabilitate whites & get them going. The good news, is that with support, MOST WHITES manage to rehabilitate themselves and get back in and get going. The Government discriminates openly against whites helping whites only. In fact, the Government forces money collected by whites, for whites to be spent on ALL RACES, with the whites getting the smallest portion.

I'll explain the legal and govt issues and why small groups of whites are hanging in there on a: whites-help-whites-ONLY basis. People are trying real hard, but on the whole, the whites have toughened up and MOST, manage, to regain control of their lives and get back in and functioning. But this is almost EXCLUSIVELY DUE TO WHITES HELPING WHITES. You won't believe how poor some whites end up being. Stick around for the next 6-8 weeks, because I'll put up a full video detailing my trips with Monica and what I saw first hand, and I'll show you footage of what I saw.

The best news of all is this: Whites, especially Boers, are managing, by themselves, in small groups, to get going. Others are so committed to this process now, that some have totally devoted themselves to this. The whites who were "left at Government mercy" - well some of them have a sad, sad story to tell and in the end, after years of being kicked around by Government, they managed, through their own ingenuity and determination, to save themselves. I've walked around and seen places where blacks are thrown right next to black townships by Government and where they are much poorer and in worse shape than the BLACKS. But the whites got going and are clawing their way up and out of it. So stick around. I have much to tell you.

In the meantime, you can contact Monica directly and speak to her. Sadly, she does not get much support. Every $1 will help. It will help big time. If people can help with small, regular donations, that would be awesome. Even $1 per month from you will help greatly. Use paypal or whatever means you can.

You can contact Monica directly by email: monica.huggett@gmail.com
Or by phone: +27792159324

You can contact them via their Office in the USA. Here's the link: http://southafricaproject.info/living_waters_...

They are on FaceBook too: https://www.facebook.com/livingwatersfoundati...

The Living Waters Foundation
P O Box 282
Converse, Louisiana,
71419, USA.

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